Bay Point Church

We are a beautiful Spanish Style Multigenerational Church just steps from the Gulf of Mexico and across the street from Dona Bay. We are a very friendly, Spirit filled congregation who love to worship our Lord and Savior. We offer a staffed nursery with screened attendants and opportunities for Children to go to Children's Church. We have excellent Youth opportunities as well. We offer a variety of Small Group Bible Studies for Adults.

Join us for worship - we are a "come as you are" church!

Bay Point comments...


It was such a pleasure visiting your church and eating lunch with you last week. Certainly one of the highlights to my trip to Florida!!

The presence of the Holy Spirit was so alive in you and the body of Christ you are now serving.

Will be praying that He leads you and your leaders in miraculous ways so the love you have for Him will bring people in to be lifted up, loved and transformed. πŸ™

In Christ's Love,

Charlie Rhyan

Hey there Pastor John!

Meara loves it and I am impressed with the core values Upward Sports is providing as a foundation. On top of that, I see what an amazing out reach the church (and all involved) has focused on and shared with the community. What a great way to spread the Gospel! That said, Meara, Rachel, and I will be here for you next year... Player, Soccer Mom, Coach, or what ever you need.

It has been a pleasure watching you and your family work to honor Christ, 

Keep up the good work bother!



Wow.... just think if everyone did this....

Following a sermon about outreach and inviting others 

to church, this email was received two days later....:

Pastor John,

Here is my update on outreach.

I invited my Dad.... .

I spoke with Dr. Dees, Chiropractor, and she agreed to display the Bay Point bulletin on her office bulletin board for clients to see. 

I met with the Albee Road bridge Tender and invited him to an event. He also agreed to post the bulletin in the bridge tender office bulletin board.

I met a couple at the beach and invited them to attend Bay Point. They just moved here three months ago. I did not have a bulletin with me, but they agreed to look the Church up online.

I plan to invite Noah who lives on Albee Rd to attend a Church event.

I will reach out to Terri Murphy at the Church to send out some invites on local community internet groups. On Facebook, I plan to see if the moderators will let me post on The Casey Key Association and I love Casey Key Facebook sites after talking with Terri.

Lastly, I think I will go where families gather and hand out some bulletins. I will try two of our neighborhood bus stops and invite the parents this week. It is a public street so should be fair game as long as I do not approach the kids. I will double check this with school admin and law enforcement. The Shore road neighborhood (north of Albee) is usually is out for an evening walk at 7:30 PM. I also think we should door knock our immediate area and approach dog walkers using the Love Thy Neighbor approach in near future.

All the best, through Christ,



Hey there John,

It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Upward soccer program. Thank you so much for having Jonathan and James on the field playing along side the other boys and girls!

We have had so much fun every Wednesday - the whole family loves to come out to Bay Point and cheer the kids on. I appreciate what you’re doing so much words cannot express.

We will be more than happy to participate in any future programs. Thank you again! (And thank you to Donna Naylor for inviting us to join you all.)

God bless have a good evening.

-The Shauan family 


Jim M:

A friendly place to worship and enjoy fellowship with other Christians. Pastor John's sermons are inspiring and the music is awesome. We are "snowbirds" from Manasota Beach area, and have been attending Bay Point for 3 years. Note too small and not a megachurch, either. It fits our needs perfectly.